Thai Herbal Compress

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Heated herbal balls of organic medicinal Thai herbs are pressed or rolled on the body.  Ideal for support with detoxification, circulatory & lymphatic stagnation, aches & inflammation, severe soreness, tightness and stiffness, muscular & joint pain and discomfort, myofascial pain and knee osteoarthritis. Hot herbal compress can be used alone or in a combination with massage.

This treatment is performed on a massage table or Thai floor mat. Clients wear comfortable, loose-fitting shorts and a tank top.

Therapeutic Benefits:
Relieves myofascial pain and knee osteoarthritis

Relieves acute & chronic aches, severe soreness, tightness and stiffness

Reduces inflammation of muscles and joints, relieve joints discomfort

Improves mobility and flexibility

Helps with detoxification, circulatory & lymphatic stagnation

Promotes deep relaxation with feeling of nice & warm, refreshing and energizing from aroma of Thai herbs