Medical Massage

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Medical massage is an advanced therapeutic treatment performed by Thai medicine doctors or Thai traditional medicine practitioners who have trained in Thai Medicine school and practiced in health care facilities with strong understanding of anatomical, physiological and pathological such as Thai anatomy, energy lines, signal points, precaution and contraindication. Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM) is considered a Holistic Medicine and Thai medical massage must follow the procedure of TTM that includes patient’s history, chief complaints (history, symptom, chief complaint, behaviors or habits, dominant element and imbalances element that cause of illness), physical examination (visual and manual to find out affected organs or areas of the body). After addressing the root of the problem and determining the specific treatment for individuals, follow up treatments,  exercises (Traditional stretch exercise or Ruesri-dud- ton), precautions and contraindications with food, drinks and activities will be given to patients to follow at home for effective treatment and the best outcome. It is performed on a massage table or a floor mat, with clients fully dressed in comfortable loose clothing. Specific types of balms, creams, lotion or herbal compress may be applied. Read more…

Therapeutic Benefits:physical, mental and emotional;

Relieves severe, acute& chronic pain; neck, shoulders, upper-lower back, frozen shoulder, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia and scoliosis

Releases muscle aches, pain, spasm, cramp, fibrotic and scar tissue

Improves strengthening and increase muscle tone

Increases muscle relaxation, joint mobility and flexibility

Increases circulation & oxygenation

Promotes detoxification, move stagnation of fluid

Improves postures & balance alignment

Increases energy and improve neurological function

Reduces stress and anxiety

Mental clarity, concentration, clear & calm and promote inner peace

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