Soft Tissue Release

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Soft-tissue release (STR) is a treatment for chronic and acute conditions to breaks up the fibrotic and adhered mass of scar tissue when muscles return to natural resting length. The client is placed in a particular position then muscles begin to stretch in a specific direction or plane. The exact location of the injury will be defined, a determined pressure is applied directly in affected tissue or along a specific line of injury. At the same time, the client is given instructions that engage the antagonist of the muscles involved. The muscle is extended from a fixed position in a determined direction under a pinpoint of pressure. Performed on the massage table, lotion or oil may be applied. Read more…

Therapeutic Benefits:

Relieves chronic & acute muscles pain; law back pain, whiplash injury, refer pain and nerve entrapment

Breaks up fibrotic, adhered of scar tissue and allow the muscles return to natural resting length

Reduces pain and inflammation response of soft tissue

Prevents the form of scar tissue

Increases mobility